Satori cannabis


This famous Mandala strain is a reliable and powerful cross that will delight your connoisseur heart. Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and other pests, and she posseses a good measure of mold resistance. Her slim appearance makes it possible to plant in narrow rows, or in SOG, to maximize her typical record yields even more. The firm sideshoots provide highest quality cuttings. As with all our sativas she is heat resistant – an added bonus for small indoor environments and hot summer grows. The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma is a real treat for the senses. Satori grows a long headbud with chunky flowers and does not require much feeding on soil; you can almost do without feeding provided you use quality soil and sufficient pot size (approx. 2 gallon pots for adult plants under 250-600W lamps).

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Satori Cannabis

Satori is a traditional Sativa- Indica genotype of Nepalese origin.

Firstly, it possesses a high, clear and strong cerebral intensity which quickly reacts upon consumption. Satori is very invigorating and stimulating, with the morning hours been the best time for its consumption. Because of this, it is the ideal strain for artists, musicians, writers, and other works which need reflection.

Interestingly, the aroma is unique to its self and this reveals its therapeutic potential in relieving depression and anxiety. Evidently, it helps in the betterment of sleeping disorders and the restless leg syndrome.

In general, she is exceptionally easy to cultivate and has shown great resistance against spiders and other plant pests.

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Sativa 70%

Indica 30%

THC 28.8%


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