We are a Cannabis/weed breeding and research company located in California.
Our goal is to systematically explore the world of Cannabis to find genetics with unique attributes so we can build a library of traits which can be combined. We aim to educate on sustainable methods of preservation and
cultivation, guided by our collective passion for creating the best
cannabis in the world.

Excellent varieties aren’t just found, they are created through a long and careful process of genetic acquisition, breeding, evaluation, trialing and selection – repeated over and over again. We do that part, then release the results to you through cuttings and seed.

Driven by the idea of progression within the cannabis industry in a deep exploration of the many functions and benefits
this unique and multi-faceted plant has to offer. Meticulous selection through years of regular breeding techniques are then transformed into our feminized, fast flowering and automatic seed lines.

This season we are also increasing the number of strains available in our online stores. High-quality genetics featuring high yield, great resin production and special aromas, with a femininity of around 99.9% and
a germination rate of above 95%. This is our quality commitment to our customers. We want to thank our customers for their trust in Bluedreamweedonline.com